To have good hearts and minds, to build good homes

Urban Renewal

Start with assessment of the development case, then to integration of the land, application of unsafe and old building. Then we combine the planning, design, construction experts to fulfill your dream of renovation and to build you a building with high standards.
Taiwan frequently experiences earthquakes. With the aging of the building, the strength weakens by day, so there is potential concern for the old buildings which may not have the seismic resistance. Furthermore, with the elder population grows, the old buildings cannot offer these people with friendly facilities and elevators, causing difficult access for them. To improve the building safety and quality of the people’s living, the government recently advocates the acceleration of reconstructing these old building, to replace with the age friendly buildings; and it is with a set timeline that different floor area ratio bonus will be given, being a good chance for the reconstruction.

We can assist in the assessment of each development and in its application, planning, design; together with the construction team from our whole company, we are the best choice for providing you the development and construction services. Der Yuan will make your dream come true with a building that is safe, comfortable and beautiful.

Real-estate Development

We value the bond between people and land; we cherish the affection of people for a building. Therefore, we hold the faith to blend in the factors of sunlight, environment, climate into the buildings that coexists with the nature in harmony, for you to comfortably settle in.



Propelling the Old/Unsafe Building and City Regeneration

We assist in the clarification of the regulation and applications


Site Evaluation

Preliminary conditions of the site to be compiled and researched.


Planning for Development

Resource integration and review of all regulations.


Architectural Design

Design according to the needs and furnish the drawings.



Integrated services by the resourceful construction team.



The dream come true of the new home