Loving your job and loving your life aren’t on the opposite ends but balancing one another. Together we build the environment that the team perform their best; and here we live, grow, develop and enrich our lives together.


The Atmosphere

Trust, Transparency, Autonomy

Trust, Transparency, Autonomy are filled in our atmosphere, to let each of Feng Yu’s employee perform their best and run a meaningful business. Here, together we create and pursue our value and realize personal expectation.

Personal development and growth

Various Learning

We provide the environment with abundance of expertise. By emphasizing on the job training, we combine the learning and each position. Through the online platform, we rapidly disseminate the knowledge. We have internal expertise for the extraction of experiences that can be accumulated and passed down. We encourage learning and offer various funding that help our employees raise their themselves in the professional field.



Healthy Environment

Care for the health, advocate exercising

We value each person who lives and works with us; therefore, we care about their health and ensure the suitable working environment is provided. Also, we advocate regular exercising, invite colleagues to sports event, arrange health check once every two years. We want our partners to have the most valuable thing, health.