Feng Yu



Water resource and environmental sustainability


During human life and production activities, air, water and solid pollutants are produced in large quantities. To resolve these issues, we integrate the technology of fine bubble and microbial treatment, and replace harmful chemical treatment with innovative eco-friendly processes and microbial technology to achieve recycling of water; reduction and resource utilization of sludge so that we can contribute to sustainable development of environment. The technology of fine bubble has the physical feature of attaching to particles, dissolving gas, cleansing in depth, wrapping gas. Combining various types of gases can produce a variety of different oxygen-containing active substances (O3, HO2-, O2-, OH radicals, etc.). And eco-friendly treatment methods such as plasma, ultraviolet light and microbial treatment methods can achieve sterilization, degradation of organic substances, increase dissolved oxygen in water, remove odors, and float suspended substances in water to improve water quality and water recycling. And provide solutions for water treatment in various industries. On the other hand, our biotech platform uses the beneficial microbial technology to digest biodegradable organic waste, like kitchen waste and sludge, into soil remediation material, organic microbial fertilizer, and probiotics feeds. We turn the wastes to valuable products for sustainable circular economy.

To contribute to sustainable
development of environment