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Wuma Taitung Leisure Farm

Located in the valley of Yaoshan Mountain, at Zhiben, Taitung, the property covers not only a large area but also a glamorous landscape of various ecological environments, such as the ever-changing Formosan Gum forest and the stunning sodium bicarbonate spring. We welcome you to our farm, a refuge for mind and soul.

Ecological FarmOut of the respect for Mother Nature, we minimize construction and develop agroforestry to preserve the native species and provide wild-life a safer habitat. Our way of fitting into the existing eco system with multiple organic farming brings plentiful harvest of herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Six Senses Wuma ResortWe partnered with Six Senses, the hotel management group, and the Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma, to deliver this premier mountain resort. Six Senses is a world-renowned luxury hotel, resort, and spa. It pursues the philosophy of "Slow Life" and inspires customers with natural landscape, local culture, organic food, and spirit sublimation. Kengo Kuma has received numerus awards from Japan, Italy, Finland and around the world. His work displays rich Japanese / oriental Zen senses and a respect for nature. His idea is to make architecture supplementary to the larger environment instead of dominating the land.

Ecological Farm

The leisure farm is found in 2017,
under the direction of the Council of Agriculture and Taitung County Government.
Our vision is to integrate eco-farming and the idea of respecting nature into the activities on the farm.
Whether it is agricultural production, theleisure farming experience, or ecological tourism,
it means we protect the ecological environment and help people to return to the harmonious relationship with nature while developing diversified agriculture.


We maintain the existing forest’s physiognomy with low-intensity land-use and agroforestry. This aims for simultaneously bringing multiple crops and preserving the habitat of original species. By keeping a balance between development and ecological environment, our farm remains rich in biodiversity. You can see Muller's Barbet and eagle fling, Formosan macaque, Reeves’s muntjac, and squirrel running through the trees during the daytime and you may also encounter frog, firefly, and owl in the night. These ecologies make our farm a wonderful place for children’s eco-education.

Our Crops

We grow multiple crops with ecological farming. The strategy does not only sustain the biodiversity but also enables the land to better adapt to climate changes. Currently, we grow tea, coffee, herbs, Roselle, Ramtilla, Plum, Stout Camphor tree etc. on the farm.


Roselle has long been used in health-supporting drinks and as food ingredients. Our hillside Roselle is bathed in mountain wind and sea salt. We collect the scarlet calyx at the appropriate times of the year and strictly control all the process, from collecting, cleaning, roasting, and sealing, for exceptional freshness to be delivered to you.

For purchasing service, please dial: +886-2-2218-8678 #1506

Taiwan Native Ramtilla

Ramtilla tea is a warm, herbal beverage prepared from dried Ramtilla flowers.
We carefully hand-picked the best Taiwan Native Ramtilla blossom in the severe winter and dried it at low-temperature to preserve nutrition.
The Ramtilla tea has a delicate floral aroma and a light, honey-like taste. It could be combined with tea leaves or honey, or also could be used as a cooking ingredient to spice the dish with floral flavors.

For purchasing service, please dial: +886-2-2218-8678 #1506

Hot Spring

In Six Senses Wuma Resort, you can feel like a cloud floating by and listen to the sound of wind whispering through the trees. You can also sink into the sodium bicarbonate spring to ease your body and mind, releasing the pressure and enjoy the luxury of natural surroundings.

Enjoy the pleasant experience in Six Senses WUMA.